ISDOC Reader

ISDOC Reader displays your electronic invoices.
ISDOC is an electronic invoicing format that enables paperless exchange of invoices and other documents, fast processing and portability between businesses, public administrations, and private individuals, defined by the "Working Group on Electronic Data Interchange Standards" of the ICT Union (formerly SPIS). Currently, the Ministry of the Interior is the holder of the ISDOC format licence and trademark.
The ISDOC format is now an integral part of the vast majority of economic and ERP systems sold on the Czech market, such as ABRA Gen ERP and ABRA Flexi.

Download  ISDOC Reader

How to use ISDOC Reader?
After installing ISDOC Reader, you can try opening the following examples:  document.isdoc and document with attachments.isdocx.
When you open them, you will probably get the message "Unable to verify the identity of the author," because you do not have the root certificate of the authority whose certificate was used to sign the invoice loaded in the local storage of your system. So double-click the link, select Install certificate and follow the default options of the CA root certificate installation wizard autority "I.CA - Test standard root certificate" .